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Buchanan Maintenance · Buchanan Enterprises, Inc.

2204 Hwy 14  ·  Greenville, SC 29681

(864) 288-8526  /  (864) 380-6289 (Cell)

Proudly Serving South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia For 24 Years.

We offer Commercial Services including: Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Awning Cleaning and Treatment, Parking Lot Striping, Carpet Cleaning and Tile Cleaning.


Areas Served:  Greenville/Upstate, Columbia, Charleston, Commerce, Gainesville, Charlotte and Asheville.


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Window Cleaning Greenville SC, Window Cleaning Columbia SC, Window Cleaning Charleston SC, Window Cleaning Asheville NC, Window Cleaning Charlotte NC, Window Cleaning Commerce GA, Window Cleaning Gainesville GA

Awning Cleaning Greenville SC, Awning Cleaning Columbia SC, Awning Cleaning Charleston SC, Awning Cleaning Asheville NC, Awning Cleaning Charlotte NC, Awning Cleaning Gainesville GA

Pressure Washing Greenville SC, Pressure Washing Columbia SC, Pressure Washing Charleston SC, Pressure Washing Asheville NC, Pressure Washing Charlotte NC, Pressure Washing Commerce GA, Pressure Washing Gainesville GA

Parking Lot Striping Greenville SC, Parking Lot Striping Columbia SC, Parking Lot Striping Charleston SC, Parking Lot Striping Asheville NC, Parking Lot Striping Charlotte NC, Parking Lot Striping Commerce GA

Carpet Cleaning Greenville SC, Carpet Cleaning Columbia SC, Carpet Cleaning Charleston SC, Carpet Cleaning Asheville NC, Carpet Cleaning Charlotte NC, Carpet Cleaning Commerce GA, Carpet Cleaning Gainesville GA

Tile Cleaning Greenville SC, Tile Cleaning Columbia SC, Tile Cleaning Chaleston SC, Tile Cleaning Asheville NC, Tile Cleaning Charlotte NC, Tile Cleaning Commerce GA, Tile Cleaning Gainesville GA